No-code GIS
data pipelines

Ingest Shapefiles, KMLs, CSVs, and more with automatic geocoding, FIPS, encoding, and CRS detection. Automate everything between the data file and data analysis.

Never write another import script

Spatial ETL pipelines drain valuable engineering time. We'll manage importing, hosting, and querying your spatial data. Our drag-and-drop data importer automates your onboarding stack.

  • Detects addresses and automatically geocodes
  • Detects states, counties, ZIP codes, and cities
  • CSV, KML, Geodatabase, and 7+ other formats supported
  • Identify rare coordinate systems

Have a file format we can't parse? First import's on us.


Scale your GIS data analysis

Even spatial databases feel growing pains. We're built to scale, whether it's for your neighborhood, or your continent.

  • Handle 1M+ points
  • Generous free tier
  • Execute Python analysis scripts
  • Visual IDE for analysis

Focus on the data analysis and leave the spatial ETL pipeline to us.

Built on open source.

Turbocharged in the cloud.

Manage spatial analysis without infrastructure, ETL pipelines, file conversion and spatial joins.


Typical memory requirement of a server managing GIS queries


Share map data links with your team

10 formats

Load your spatial data without converting formats


Never get hit with surprise bills

Designed by GIS experts, for engineers.

We work closely with our customers. Their problems are our challenges.


Available for the experienced GIS developer

$0 /month
  • MIT licensed
  • Jupyter notebook native
  • On-premise data infrastructure
  • Community support


Designed for fast-growing data startups

$300 /seat/month
  • Self-service onboarding
  • 10+ file formats supported
  • Up to 1M rows
  • Up to 10 datasets
  • Community support
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Premium support, volume pricing, and custom solutions

  • White-glove onboarding
  • Satellite imagery analysis
  • Curated dataset library
  • Premium support SLA
  • Data pipeline consulting
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