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Map Digitization

Trace entire features with two clicks using our QGIS plugin. Let AI digitize your maps more quickly and easily than doing it by hand.

No credit card needed to use
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Works on any style line or polygon

Meticulously trained on utility maps, historical diagrams, highway plats, satellite imagery, survey plats, zoning maps, mining records, construction plans, and more.

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"This is a really great plugin that helps you trace vectors in a very easy and fast way", as featured in his YouTube review of our plugin.

Professor Hans van der Kwast

Professor Hans van der Kwast

Associate Professor of Open Science and Digital Innovation @ IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
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"This is an absolutely perfect use of AI in geospatial. It takes a very manual and time-consuming task and passes that off to AI while still being able to have human intervention when needed. Amazing work!"

Matt Forrest

Matt Forrest

Field CTO @ Carto

Adding AI into each step of GIS

Our QGIS tools leverage machine learning to accelerate GIS professionals' workflows. Specifically, our AI helps georeference, vectorize, and extract metadata from raster maps.

Georeference Maps With One Click

Click roughly where your map is and our AI will take care of the rest. Your map is analyzed for identifable features—streets, building outlines, etc.—which get aligned with our ground-truth datasets.


The georeferencer works with any CRS or State Plane your project needs.

Reduce Load On Your Team

Want to beta test the georeferencer? Reach out to us and we will see how well we can get it to work on your maps. (Available to vectorization plugin users on the full-time plan)

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subsurface utility map screenshot before digitizing
sewer as-built drawing from Washington DC
scanned mine map from Maryland

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can try it for free, no credit card required. For evaluation, you'll be rate-limited to an average daily allowance of 2,500 completions.

Users who wish to exceed this quota can purchase a paid plan. This helps us improve our technology and support our staff.

You can download the plugin directly from the AI vectorizer page on QGIS's plugin repository. You can also find it on the QGIS "Manage and Install Plugins" menu in QGIS.

Our QGIS plugin works on straight, curved, and bent lines. Solid, dashed, dotted, and dash-dot styles of any color typically work well.

For context, our customers have had success with CAD renderings, hand-drawn engineering diagrams, geologic maps, topographical contour lines, and utility maps.

Yes. After you use the plugin to create a vector layer in QGIS, you can then export the vector layer to CAD or any other GIS format.

Our QGIS plugin works on Macs, Linux, and Windows machines running recent QGIS versions. It requires an internet connection. Hardware-wise, if your computer can run QGIS, then it can run the plugin.

Yes. For organizations and users on our full-time tier, we can ensure that your maps are promptly deleted from our servers after our autocomplete AI runs.

By default, we store maps to ensure the AI is running smoothly, and will continue to do so in future iterations.

Digitize maps 4x faster.
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Use the latest advances in AI to cut the time spent per map down by 75%.

raster as-built before digitizing as a map