Who is Bunting Labs?

scanned PDF map of San Francisco

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Accessing information stored in PDFs is needlessly time-consuming. We want to flip the script and make PDFs your favorite file type to recieve.

When we started Bunting Labs, we could not believe how much time is wasted because of the difficulties in accessing data locked away in PDFs. We thought there is surely a better way than manually georeferencing and digitizing features, then manually searching for metadata. When we found nothing remotely good enough, we decided to build the solution.

Our team

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions or even want to say hi.

Brendan Ashworth headshot

Brendan Ashworth

CTO - Founder Email : bren​dan@bunt​ingla​bs.com
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Michael Egan

CEO - Founder Email : mich​ael@bunti​nglab​s.com

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