Bunting Labs is a Y Combinator-Backed Startup

Brendan Ashworth

August 31, 2022

We're super proud to announce that Bunting Labs is officially a Y Combinator startup! The Bunting team has joined for the Summer 2022 cohort and has been working with group partners Dalton Caldwell, Diana Hu, Nicolas Dessaigne, and Richard Aberman.

Bunting Labs is building no-code GIS data pipelines. Importing, hosting, and querying terabytes of geospatial data, covering many different types of regions is a common challenge both at startups and enterprise companies alike.

By building both open source software to help developers quickly get started analyzing geospatial data and hosted software for growth and enterprise companies to achieve business goals, we'll be able to democratize access to GIS data.

Previously, working with GIS data would often require a degree in GIS, access to expensive software, or years of software engineering experience. Our no-code and low-code analysis tools will reduce the learning curve and help anyone get started.

Stay tuned if you're interested in joining the team! You can also follow us on GitHub for our open source drops and Twitter to watch us build in public.