Import Utility Lines Quickly.

Instead of manually importing utility lines from every PDF you get, vectorize them automatically with our software.

vector map of subsurface utilities


For GIS and Engineering Teams

Working with utilities means working with PDF maps.
With our software, it doesn't mean headaches or wasted time.

Automatic Georeferencing

We automatically georeference your utility maps, even if they're 1 month or 100 years old.

Vector Feature Extraction

We can extract each utility as a distinct vector layer.

Export to CAD and GIS

Our software is capable of exporting to both CAD and GIS, in any file type you need.

example planset before vectorizing

The Fastest Way From PDF To GIS And CAD

First, our software uses computer vision to pair information in your PDFs with public geospatial data, similar to how a human would georeference.

Then, we use a second computer vision algorithm to accurately extract utility lines as distinct vector layers for you to import into GIS and CAD.

Beta: Pair Utility Lines with GPR

Ground penetrating radar is key to locating utilities as accurately as possible. But, GPR does not always tell you what you're looking at. So, we are building software to let you pair the output of GPR with PDF utility maps better identify lines.

Would you like to test this feature? Reach out to us!

ground penetrating radar on subsurface utilities
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"This is a really great plugin that helps you trace vectors in a very easy and fast way", as featured in his YouTube review of our plugin.

Professor Hans van der Kwast

Professor Hans van der Kwast

Associate Professor of Open Science and Digital Innovation @ IHE Delft Institute for Water Education
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"This is an absolutely perfect use of AI in geospatial. It takes a very manual and time-consuming task and passes that off to AI while still being able to have human intervention when needed. Amazing work!"

Matt Forrest

Matt Forrest

Field CTO @ Carto

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