Query spatial
data from
your browser.

Load spatial datasets, write expressive queries, and visualize the results. Our GIS sandbox brings geospatial to the cloud.

spatial ide code editor

Write code you're familiar with

Our sandbox is built on top of open source repositories like shapely and mundipy. Use the same syntax you've always used, just more productively.

  • In-editor autocomplete
  • Explore dataset properties
  • Easy error debugging with stacktraces
  • Merge multiple datasets with ease

Filter, sort, and search through results

The table view for features makes it easy to find the best apartment building, the tallest mountain, or newest road segment.

  • Sort numerics like area, distance, and more
  • Skip items irrelevant to the analysis
  • Process millions of points
  • Search nearest by address or point
spatial ide table results

Built on open source, turbocharged in the cloud.

Analyze without headaches.

Leverage 285 spatial operations in the cloud to analyze without the GIS overhead.

Directly query OpenStreetMap

Analyze tagged POIs without downloading the 66GB+ planet PBF

Automatic projections

Focus on the analysis, not on equidistant EPSG codes

Spatial joins that make sense

Write spatial joins in Python, not SQL

No PostGIS needed

Upload and host datasets in 10+ file formats

Try the sandbox for free, forever.

Perfect for exploration and analysis, no credit card needed.

Demo without signing up

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